The Measure Together data portal shows the actual data for PM sensors on a map and if you click on a dot how data has varied over the past seven days. But often you want to know more. For example, whether the air quality is worse during the week than at the weekend, or how the air quality depends on the wind direction. 

To answer such questions, you need to analyze the sensor data. This analysis is not always easy. To help citizen scientist, we have developed the Analyze Together Tool: an interactive tool to display the data in different ways with just a few clicks that help to investigate different questions. The tool is based on OpenAir software

The Analyze Together Tool uses the API to download data to compile your own dataset. You can  also download the data from official measurement stations and the wind data from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. These three data sets form the basis for the analysis. 

The values in the tool provide an indication of the particulate matter concentration. In the Visualization and Analysis part there are different visualizations to choose from to view the dataset. Also you can group sensors together and calculate averages for a neighborhood. By comparing groups of sensors, for example, you may be able to discover patterns in the data.  

The source code of the  Analyze Together Tool is available on GitHub for enthusiasts to improve, adapt and tinker with. 

There is an explainer video for the Analysing Together tool in Dutch with subtitles available in English.