All sensor data are available for download through an application-programming interface (API). An API offers the data experts among citizen scientists the opportunity to access data via self-written software. This makes it easy to download sensor data automatically and in bulk. Smaller amounts of data can also be downloaded in excel or csv.  The  Samen Meten API is found on 

Examples on how to use the API 

1. list all sensors (all datapoints) 

2. list all sensors that start with ZWL$filter=startswith(name,%27ZWL%27) 

If you go to the and hover over de dots you can see the code for each dot. For example Sensor.Community data start with LTD (Luftdaten).  Official data points are also included, they start with NL. 

3. list all Sensor types 

Check out the ODATA $filter options to filter on various parameters such as date and time, etc. 

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