Welcome to the knowledge portal 'Samen meten' / ‘Measure together’.

Samen Meten is Dutch for Measure Together. The aim of the Measure Together program is to support citizen science for environmental parameters such as air quality, water quality, and noise. Measure Together encourages people to do these measurements together, to build communities, connect with different stakeholders, connect with us, to exchange information, and combine data to put these in a broader context.

In the Measure Together block below we briefly explain what  is the philosophy behind Measure Together and what it comprises. In the Literature block you can find more in-depth publications about Measure Together, as well as other relevant publications for example about the use of sensors and sensor data.

Our aim is that data gathered in the Measure Together program can also be used for more detailed monitoring and modeling. For air quality we figured out how to do this and we love to share our methods.  We added a block about how to use the sensor data for modeling as is being discussed in the FAIRMODE community.

Finally there is a block with contributions to international conferences and meetings.

Do you have questions? Or ideas about how we can improve the portal? Please let us know. We welcome suggestions!



You can contact us at: samenmeten@rivm.nl